Erica Rosset's Portfolio | Stir: Mobile App
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Stir: Mobile App


In a stroke of entrepreneurial inspiration, a group of founders saw an opportunity to solve the inefficiencies that exist in restaurant operations through an iphone app.



Create preliminary user flows, UI and styleguide as MVP/POC for an iphone app that resolves many inefficiencies that currently exist in restaurant operations. In the hands of the restaurant, Stir will be a partner that will exist as an electronic front end optimization tool; to the consumer, “Dine” will exist as a mobile application that will enhance the experience for the user. Aimed for large, crowded bars and restaurants, patrons would be able to order, pay and call their server over directly through the app, while servers would be able to use Stir to manage competing requests from their various tables.



Working with the app’s developer and founders to define the main actions users could take as MVP, going through iterations based on what could quickly be built and what features could stand out to business partners in order to gain more capital.



Userflows, lo-fi prototype, mockups of key screens and styleguide.



Post-its, Sketch, Invision